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【PV Celltech 2017专访】阿特斯邢国强:漫谈黑硅技能与金刚石线
发布时间:2017-07-10 13:00 来源:http://www.techolics.com

【PV Celltech 2017专访】阿特斯邢国强:漫谈黑硅技能与金刚石线

If there was an award on offer for the most exciting talk title at PV CellTech 2017in Penang, Malaysia, on 14-15 March 2017, I think my vote would have to go to the presentation from Canadian Solar titled: Black silicon & diamond wire sawing of wafers - the future for multi c-Si technology.

假若有个奖项,是评比给将在2017年3月14-15日于马来西亚槟城召开的PV CellTech集会会议中最让人感动的演讲主题,我想我会将票投给阿特斯阳光电力的《黑硅技能与金刚石线切硅片——多晶硅技能的将来》。

The title absolutely sums up the solar industry’s concurrent push to move both p-mono and p-multi cells to efficiency and cost levels that are likely to keep both p-type variants competitive in the market-place over the next few years.


The fact that this talk is being delivered by Canadian Solar is all the more pertinent. This company has been a personal fascination for more than ten years, and has created a business model that is very different from its leading peer-pack in China.


Having Canadian Solar on stage at PV CellTech 2017 is superb. And having the company talk about black silicon and diamond wire sawing of multi wafers is nothing less than brilliant.

可以或许将阿特斯阳光电力约请到PV CellTech 2017的演讲台上黑白常让人感动的事。而公司代表在会上就黑硅技能和多晶硅硅片的金刚线切等话题颁发演讲也是再让人兴奋不外的事了。

In this blog, I will give some perspectives on Canadian Solar, trying to explain why the company is different from all other Chinese manufacturing-based companies, and looking at some factors that are behind the push to make p-multi the continued market-share leader for years to come.


So, what makes Canadian Solar different? The answer here is in its downstream strategy. So many companies have sought to have both upstream production and downstream projects businesses that could provide short-term and long-term revenue streams. From an operational perspective, it’s a perfect combination. However, the challenges are immense, and the competing drivers internally must be the source of daily discussion and debate.


While the industry is well aware of how companies like SunEdison (and Terraform Power), First Solar and SunPower have been pushing to have a dual upstream/downstream business model, you have to lump in here Canadian Solar.

当财富异常清晰SunEdison (以及Terraform Power)、First Solar以及SunPower 等公司怎样尽力扩展,以拥有上游/下流两条营业模式,却不得不为阿特斯阳光电力单开一类。

However, in contrast to the above-mentioned peers, and indeed almost all other Chinese companies with global downstream aspirations, Canadian Solar has enacted a downstream asset-hold business model that in many ways defines what can work in the industry, as opposed to moving to a pre-determined public-listed yieldco listing.

可是,与上述同业企业,以及险些全部其他拥有国际下流营业前景的中国企业相反,阿特斯阳光电力开创了在财富下流资产持有的贸易模式,并在很多方面界定了财富内切实可行的方法,而非仅仅是转向提前预设好的果真yieldco 上市模式。

With Canadian Solar a top-3 cell and module producer, and supplier, the company’s roadmaps and thoughts on cell technology deserve close attention. Ultimately, this should have a strong correlation with what is required by its project development, EPC and asset-owning arms. No other multi-GW cell producer has a more direct view of the return-on-investment of a completed solar farm and the relative merits of using different solar modules, whether they are supplied by Canadian Solar’s in-house module production lines, or a third-party module supplier that is chosen at arms-length by the company’s project development team.


Finlay Colville博士在邢国强举办关于多晶硅技能将来的演讲前,对其举办采访。图片来历:阿特斯阳光电力

Here is the Q&A with Guaqiang Xing at Canadian Solar:


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